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Member of Engineering (Code Execution)

Full-time, indefinite contract
Remote EMEA/East Coast or Paris
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About poolside

poolside is pursuing AGI. Only very few companies in the world are able to be in this race - we’re early in our journey which makes it a great time to join the team but we also have scale-up+ needs when it comes to product and engineering. We can tell you why over the phone...

About our team

We are a remote-first team that sits across Europe and North America. We come together once a month in-person for 3 days, always Monday-Wednesday. We also do longer off-sites twice a year.

Our team is a combination of more research and more engineering-oriented profiles, however, everyone deeply cares about the quality of the systems we build and has a strong underlying knowledge of software development. We believe that good engineering leads to faster development iterations, which allows us to compound our efforts.

About the role

Reinforcement Learning from Code Execution Feedback (RLCEF) is our method for enhancing our large language model by completing billions of tasks in tens of thousands of real world software projects (soon millions). You will be working on poolside's code execution platform that powers RLCEF.

Your mission

Build a scalable platform that can support poolside's fine tuning efforts by code execution and static analysis.


On this team you will build our code execution platform which involves working with container runtimes, static code analyzers, parsers and distributed data systems.

Skills & Experience

  • Strong programming skills in either Go, C, C++ or Python (we are open to polyglot engineers from other languages)
  • Comfortable with distributed systems
    • Data pipelines, distributed processing, fault tolerance, performance optimization.
    • Message queues, event-driven architectures, e.g. Kafka, Google pub/sub.
    • Clouds: managed services, storage. GCP, AWS, Azure.
  • Experience with testing code
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
    • Test performance optimization
  • Plus: Experience in container runtimes and Linux system programming
  • Plus: Experience with build tools and CI/CD pipelines
  • Other relevant tools/experience:
    • DevOps: Git, Docker, k8s, Terraform, baremetal.
    • Monitoring and alerting (Grafana, Prometheus, Datadog).


  • Intro call with Beatriz, our Head of People
  • Technical Interview(s) with one of our Founding Engineers
  • Meet & greet call with Eiso, our CTO & Co-Founder


  • Fully remote work & flexible hours;
  • 37 days/year of vacation & holidays;
  • Health insurance allowance for you and dependents;
  • Company-provided equipment;
  • Wellbeing, always-be-learning and home office allowances;
  • Frequent team get togethers in Paris;
  • Great diverse & inclusive people-first culture.
Full-time, indefinite contract
Remote EMEA/East Coast or Paris
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