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Full-time, indefinite contract
Remote EMEA/East Coast or Paris
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About poolside

poolside is pursuing AGI. Only very few companies in the world are able to be in this race - we’re early in our journey which makes it a great time to join the team but we also have scale-up+ needs when it comes to people. We can tell you why over the phone...

About our team

We are a remote-first team that sits across Europe and North America. We come together once a month in-person for 3 days, always Monday-Wednesday. We also do two longer off-sites twice a year.

Our team is a combination of more research and more engineering oriented profiles, however everyone deeply cares about the quality of the systems we build and has a strong underlying knowledge of software development. We believe that good engineering leads to faster iteration time, which allows us to compound our efforts.

About the role

We’re a small distributed team and plan to remain so for as long as possible. Everyone we bring on board has a clearly defined mission and this role plays a vital part in our journey - you will own our culture from continuing to set it, to share it and training others on it.

To enable the team to work relentlessly on maximizing the opportunities, and mitigating risks, on each of these buckets, we’re seeking an in-house coach to empower every poolsider to reach their full potential and thrive as part of our distributed team.

Our culture is focused on outcomes but we also care about the journey that gets us there. We believe everyone’s superpower lies in knowing what is the most important thing to do at each moment in time and consistently doing it excellently (and also knowing what not to pursue).

We believe that If we all know what to focus on, what not to focus on, and what excellence looks like, 90% of this race is won. This is why having someone who is 100% dedicated to enabling us to be a highly functioning team, helping us all focus on the right priorities and pushing us to achieve excellence continuously, will play a massive role in us winning the AGI race.

Your mission(s)

Unlocking everyone’s potential both as individuals and as a group - sounds like a cliché but your challenges over the medium-term may include:

  • Priorities discovery & alignment - specifically, how to maximize information flows and avoid silos as we grow;
  • Promote a mindset of flexibility and change - specifically, developing resilience when it comes to the many moving parts we deal with;
  • Maximize everyone’s "flow" state - to allow us all to be hyper productive and importantly, maximize the fun we have!

Unlocking everyone’s ability to endure - yes, life is long and we only have 1 body:

  • Empower the creation of good habits both at work and outside of work, to promote a sustainable lifestyle;
  • Proactively address, prevent and work on mental health related topics, such as burnout;
  • Support with day to day challenges such as creating healthy boundaries at work, dealing with disagreement, dealing with frustration, dealing with insecurity and impostor syndrome, etc.;
  • Support individual development when it comes to career and growth at poolside (not necessarily vertical, but impact wise);

And many more we will craft together at each stage of our journey.

At poolside, there’s nothing we value more than our team and to offer them the best support system and make a real difference in our journey, we'd like this person to be full-time, as everyone else in the team.

Skills & Experience

We’re open to different backgrounds for this role, preferably with demonstrated experience in coaching - although not necessarily in a conventional way.

  • Experience coaching both ICs and Managers - preferably in a tech company and with very talented engineering teams;
  • Experience coaching executive members;
  • Experience working with mental health challenges in the workplace, such as burnout (awareness, prevention, support, etc.);
  • Experience partnering with HR teams in order to raise concerns, challenges or ideas to promote organizational health and growth.

Nice to have:

  • Good understanding of different organizational structures and methodologies the context of engineering teams;
  • Understanding the GenAI race :)


  • Fully remote work & flexible hours;
  • 37 days/year of vacation & holidays;
  • Health insurance allowance for you and dependents;
  • Company-provided equipment;
  • Wellbeing, always-be-learning and home office allowances;
  • Monthly team get togethers in Paris (non-optional);
  • Great diverse & inclusive people-first culture.
Full-time, indefinite contract
Remote EMEA/East Coast or Paris
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